an 8-week, group coaching program to jump start your journey on the road to body love, and help you cultivate self-respect and authentic health through Intuitive eating, body image healing, and so much more! 


body love

are you sick of the 'on and off' roller coaster of diets?

Are you burnt out with impossible to sustain health practices?

are you exhausted with feeling like your body is a problem to be fixed?

what if you could feel self-confident and leave food guilt and body shame behind you?

hey friend!

you have authentic self-love & self-respect! 

you have the brain space and heart space to live fully with a clear path forward!

You understand authentic Health & what that looks like in Your life!

You are doing the work to make the world a better place for everybody!

...because you have mastered a wholistic approach to health and wellness with Intuitive Eating & life improving behaviors. 

...because you no longer have to outsource your health and wellness, but are self-sufficient and self-confident. You trust yourself and the foundation you've built in Intuitive Eating and body image healing.

...because you have cultivated a compassionate and peaceful relationship with yourself, no longer seeped in comparison and self-judgement. 

...because you are globally minded and invested in ethically just and inclusive health practices and standard of beauty.

you have a community of support backing you up!

...because you have connected with like-minded people, who understand and uplift you. 

You are accomplishing goals and hitting new milestones in your life!

...because of the accountability you have found through this amazing, supportive group.

all of this is possible for you!

... and so much more with my new group program: 
Body Love Fundamentals 

I'm ready!

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"I have my time and energy back. The amount of freedom I feel is so so incredible, but the amount of love I have built for myself and my body is something I honestly never thought I would have. I am so grateful to Alexandra for her guidance to healing and body kindness. I could not recommend Alexandra enough. Her three-month program was worth every penny! Her kindness and support are priceless."


Hey there! I'm Alexandra. 

I am full of sunshine and joy.  Working together will feel like a cozy coffee date to soothe your soul and inspire your heart.  

I am passionate about connecting, collaborating, and empowering you.  I will make sure you feel comfortable and supported, while also challenging you to grow into your full potential.  

I am an actor turned Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Health and Wellness Coach. I changed my own life when I turned my back on diet culture and made peace with my body, and now I am here to help you do the same.

My theatre background taught me to connect and collaborate in a way that lights people up and engages their souls. I will help you on your journey to becoming the person you have always dreamed of being. I am also passionate about equality, inclusion, and justice. Diet culture parades itself as self-help, but control is not care.

I want to help you break free from diet culture and offer you skills that lead to true empowerment, all while creating a community and support system for life. 

The best part? We can make a better world together. After all, how can we fight for the world we want if we can’t even fight for ourselves?

My journey has taught me that we are all worthy of success, joy, respect, love, and celebration, beyond our bodies.

I cannot wait to be in your corner as we change your life, for the better, for good!  

I'm so glad you're here. 

● You feel societal pressure to whittle away at yourself, diet, and be 'healthy,' at the expense of your happiness.

● You've lost your spark while trying to fit into what is ‘right.’

● You compare your body to others.

● You feel alone and isolated as you struggle for control.

● You are on the roller coaster of weight gain and weight loss.

● You find yourself binge eating food.

● Your emotional well being is tied to your body image.

● You workout to compensate for food.

● You are looking for more kindness and compassion toward your body and how you treat it. 

● You want to find a path toward your best self but are unsure how to get there.

but it didn't start out this way. . .

I know exactly how you feel,
right now!

if this strikes a chord for you, you are in the right place...

this 8-week, group coaching program will help you ditch dieting forever, as you learn about yourself, your authentic health, and build a support system to create lasting change. All while connecting with a unique, supportive community that will build you up and cheer you on! 

this is exactly why i created 
body love fundamentals.

here's a sneak peak
inside Body Love Fundamentals...

Curious about what this group program is like?
Here's a what it's like...




week one:
Getting Started

week two:
Dropping out of diet culture

week three:
Making Peace with food

Introduction, cultivating self-compassion, & getting clear on where you've been, where you are, and where you want to be

Dismantling and rejecting diet culture and understanding Intuitive Eating

Giving yourself permission to eat all foods, understanding habituation, and replacing inner food police with an inner advocate


week four:
Cultivating body attunement

Reconnecting to your body's signals of hunger and fullness, satisfaction, and pleasure


week five:
Learning to cope

understanding emotional eating, refocusing on compassion, and finding other ways to cope

i want this!




week seven:
nourishing your body

valuing your body for what it does instead of what it looks like, focusing on health promotion behaviors, gentle nutrition, movement, and rest

week eight:
navigating your future

reflection on the last 8 week, and planning for future ups, downs, and in-betweens

week six:
accepting your body

leaning to respect your body, getting to know who you are, and diving into self-relationship work

Each week you will get a lesson dripped out to you, with an accompanying workbook full of activities and questions to help you integrate the material into your life.  Plus, you get lifetime access to these! 

We will also have a weekly group coaching call over zoom to give you a chance to go deeper & answer any and all questions. You will always get a replay of this call as well.  

A private Voxer (a free messaging app) group where you can chat and connect with your fellow group members. Plus you will get daily support from me! It's like community support in the palm of your hand!

Plus biweekly office hours, where you can schedule a 30min 1:1 call with me for extra, individual support. 

Extra resources, activities, and opportunities along the way! 

and here's how it works...

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Alexandra has helped me change my mindset around food and my body so that I no longer feel constant guilt. Alexandra was open and honest with me every phone call sharing her experiences with me to help me constantly feel seen and heard. She was always available outside of our calls to talk things through and give me the encouragement I needed on a bad day. After this program, I have completely shifted my mindset around my body and food and I have Alexandra to thank. I never thought that I would be able to look at myself and think positively. I am 100% certain I would not be in the place I am right now if it were not for Alexandra. This program has given me the tools to help me the rest of my life and I am forever grateful.


“I was just starting my body image and anti-diet journey…I knew I could trust [Alexandra] to handle our sessions with compassion and empathy…  I overcame so many obstacles on my journey and have truly made so many strides. She is a wonderful coach and all around amazing human. I am now comfortable posting pictures of myself and living in the moment. I would not have been able to do that without Alexandra.”


past clients

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Start living the life you deserve to live.  You are worth the investment.  

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