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After a recent Wizard of Oz rewatch, I’m shedding light on the Wizard, finding home in your body & feeling worthy in life. Check it out!

Body Image Healing

Finding Home in Your Body: Why You Don’t Need To Be Perfect

Alexandra of Intuitively Alexandra leaning into the photo to tell the reader what she has gained since giving up dieting.

Giving up dieting has changed everything for me, in the best possible way. Without dieting, I have gained freedom and peace, joy and trust. My relationship with myself has flourished. My relationships with other people have deepened, and I have literally become the woman of my dreams. I know, I know, it sounds dramatic, but […]

Ditching Dieting

6 Things I’ve Gained Since Giving Up Dieting (And How You Can Too!)

This is a picture of Alexandra thoughtfully reading Intuitive Eating by Elise Resch and Evelyn Tribole. She is getting ready to have a "Hot Girl Summer" exactly as she is, no changes necessary.

Every other Tik Tok I watch loudly tells me that I need to have a, “Hot Girl Summer.” So, for starters… What Even Is A “Hot Girl Summer?” After a brief but fruitful search, I found this from Urban Dictionary: “Hot Girl Summer: …A summer full of fun…A summer where you are in charge of […]

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How I’m Having A Hot Girl Summer Without Needing To Change My Body.

Photo of Alexandra laughing and biting into a donut covered in rainbow Fruity Pebbles. She is in overalls with a light pink background. This represents Alexandra's rebelling against diet culture.

And It Went Like… People have been throwing “hot girl summer” around like it’s the only thing in the world.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m hype for the summer, but at what cost? Let me be frank, I am very excited to ‘go in’ this summer, but I will not do it at the expense […]

Ditching Dieting

What To Do When Your Friend Goes On A Diet

Alexandra with two donuts covering her eyes, laughing.

Body Image Zero to Hero  Body Image can feel like an impassible mountain or an endless pit. Listen, there is a lot of messaging going on about bodies. Maybe you are in the theater community and are feeling angry because of the New York Times Article last week that body shamed performers (wording in the […]

Body Image Healing

8 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Body Image

Embodying being loving Your Body and being it's friend by listening to the signals that it sends

Your Body is Talking, Are You Listening? In today’s world, we are inundated with information, opinions, and ideas.  There is an endless stream of outside sources (informed and uninformed) telling you what you should, shouldn’t, can, can’t, will, and won’t do.  But what if we started looking within for guidance? It might seem cliche to […]

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3 Things Your Body Might Be Telling You

3 Secrets of Hunger Cues that everyone misses

Picking Up Cues Hunger cues can be tricky. Hunger is one of the most basic, biological, primal parts of being human.  Think of your body like an amazing car.  You need fuel to make your car go, and with cars, you try not to push it.  You watch the fuel meter and you don’t usually […]

Ditching Dieting, How To, Tips, Tricks, & Advice

3 Secrets of Hunger Cues That Everyone Misses

If this past year has taught me anything it’s that we desperately need change.  The ways we existed up until this point were never acceptable, and the time has come for change. Change in the world, change in the way we treat ourselves, and change in the way we treat others. But how does Radical […]

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What is Radical Self-Love?

In this image there are two consecutive frames of Alexandra playing in the snow. She is carefree and joyful. Uninhibited by the stressors of diet culture, free to play and enjoy life.

Marie Kondo almost caused me to throw in the towel. And, I don’t mean in the “spark joy,” Marie Kondo kind of way. Pretty early on in my journey with intuitive eating and making peace with my body, I decided to go through my closet.  You know, get rid of what doesn’t “spark joy,” Marie […]

Body Image Healing

My Marie Kondo Meltdown

Three pictures are side by side. Each shows Alexandra is walking down a tree lined path. In each photo she gets closer to the camera. These photos represent her motivation to keep moving forward.

Okay, real talk, I don’t always feel motivated. Sometimes I don’t want to do anything at all, and sometimes I honor that. But, other times, I find the motivation. How do we know when to rest and when to push? What motivates you? Have you ever struggled with motivation? If your answer is yes, I’ve […]


The Motivation Conversation

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